David Nissan, born and raised in Iran, is an expert on Iran and the Middle East. He has a B.A. in Middle-Eastern Studies and an M.A. in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For 16 years, he served as officer and commander in the Israeli Defense Forces, and another 7 years as a consultant for the Ministry of Defense. He also worked for 4 years for Terrogence, Israel's leading company for the collection and analysis of security/terror-related intelligence from the internet. He is completely fluent in English, and has given lectures in leading companies and financial institutions in the private sector, universities, and government ministries including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Prime Minister's Office. He has been interviewed on Israeli national radio and television, has spoken in various forums outside of Israel, and is on the keynote speakers list of the London Speaker Bureau.

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Israel, Iran and the Middle East - An Unconventional Perspective

David Nissan makes full use of his unique combination of academic studies specializing in international relations, Middle-Eastern history and Iran, and 23 years of valuable experience as an officer, commander and consultant in Israel's military/security establishment, in order to present a realistic, unconventional and fascinating assessment of the breathtaking drama being played out in the Middle East today, focusing on Israel and Iran. The audience benefits from this rare opportunity to be exposed to critical aspects in Middle Eastern affairs from an intelligence officer's point of view - with an emphasis on analyzing, understanding and countering the core motivations of Israel's main adversaries.

Revolution and Survival - The Jews in Iran

The fascinating story of one of the earliest, most ancient Jewish communities in the world. Two thousand seven hundred years of continuous presence, resilience and perseverance in maintaining both Jewish and Persian identities. How did the establishment of the State of Israel affect this community, and what happened when the 1979 revolution in Iran put an end to the Golden Age enjoyed by the Jews during the Pahlavi reign, and forced them to choose between Judaism and Zionism? Why did most leave, and why do the remainder insist on staying?

Behind the Veil - A Virtual Tour of Iran

How much do we really know about Iran - a country that has continuously been in the world news headlines in recent years? David Nissan, born and raised in Iran and an expert on Iranian affairs, offers his audience a rare and magical glimpse into this beautiful, mysterious and fascinating country that is hidden behind the dark and ominous veil of the current Islamic regime. With emphasis on the rich Persian culture. David has presented this lecture at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Inside the Mind of Iran's Leader

An unusual lecture in which David Nissan, a former officer and commander in Israel's Intelligence Corps, assumes the identity of Iran's leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, and through the realistic, candid and at times provocative presentation of the Iranian perspective on relevant issues, enables a deeper and more accurate understanding of Iran's behavior in the international arena vis-a-vis Israel and the West.

Jihad.Com - Coping with Terrorism in the Digital Age

How did the internet transform the nature of terror, and how did it broaden the capabilities of terrorist groups? How are Muslim Jihadi extremists using 21st century technology in order to realize 7th century visions, and what challenges does this pose for intelligence and security organizations in the modern era? Drawing upon his experience working as a researcher and analyst at Terrogence, Israel's leading company for the collection and analysis of terror-related intelligence from the internet, David Nissan provides his audience with unique insight into how the security battlefield has been transformed in the digital age, as well as what can and is being done by organizations and governments around the world to counter the threat of terrorism.


- Prime Minister's Office

- Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

- Ministry Of Defense

- Ministry of Justice

- Tel-Aviv University

- Haifa University

- Bar Ilan University

- Bank of Israel

- Israel Discount Bank

- Bank Leumi

- Intel

- HP

- Fedex

- Procter & Gamble

- Elbit Systems

- Israel Aircraft Industries

- Rabin Medical Center

- Bnei Brit

- Wizo

- Maccabi

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Thank you for being our guest speaker at our event in Chicago.... your presentation to past and present donors of the Simon Wiesenthal Center was absolutely wonderful..... your personal expertise on Iran and the Middle East was very evident...... all truly enjoyed the insights they gained from your presentation. The event was extremely successful in cultivating prospective donors for the Center.
Alison Pure-Slovin, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Midwest Region, Chicago

This was definitely one of the best lectures we have had over the last 14 years since we started the Riviera Paliament...... We enjoyed every minute of it, and would love to host you again in the future.
Ran Regev, Executive Committee, The Riviera Paliament, Miami

The lectures you gave at our events in Chicago and New York were truly incredible, and we are very grateful..... I highly recommend David to any organization interested in contracting him to speak at an event. In addition to being a great speaker with lectures full of humor and interesting anecdotes, David is also a very kind and charismatic person.
Hilary Cramer Robinson, Executive Director, American Friends of the Israel National Museum of Science, New York

David Nissan offers a calculated and intuitive understanding of the ever fluid dynamic of Middle East politics. He explains in detail how the rich cultural history of the Middle East is part and parcel of the geo-political landscape. It is worth attending a David Nissan lecture just to get his on the ground perspective that is so very different from the approach taken by mass media outlets. Whether you end up agreeing with David or not, his perspective is worth your time.
Andreas Akaras, President, Saint Andrew's Freedom Forum, Washington DC

David Nissan talked to the RGS on "Iran Behind the Veil", and gave an interesting virtual tour of the country. David is a natural speaker, fluent and humorous, and his extensive international experience is evident.
Rupert McCowan, Director of the Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong

We had David Nissan speak online to our community. He was fantastic! I rarely felt that Iran was a place I would want to visit, and 20 minutes into David's presentation, I was ready to create a congregational trip, and many of our participants were ready to follow. David is a masterful educator, weaving a personal story into the complicated nature of the Jewish community in Iran, and the country as a whole. We hope to travel to Iran with David as our guide when the world is safe enough again.
Rabbi Daniel Brenner, Congregation B'nai B'rith, Santa Barbara, California

Our audience was very impressed with your expertise and especially the clear, fascinating and thought-provoking manner in which you presented your views. Your lecture was outstanding and unique, in that it enabled the audience the rare opportunity to experience an intelligence officer's approach to analyzing the complex drama unfolding in the Middle East today, and especially to understand the core motivations and intentions of the main players in this drama, especially those of Iran.
Ronny Ben-Joseph, President of the Babylonian Jewish Center, Great Neck, New York

Your presentation on the Iran deal, the Middle East and Israel's current situation was enlightening and surprisingly, filled with humor and hope. It is rare to hear a lecture that is not only compelling and entertaining, but succeeds tremendously in educating and inspiring at the same time. Your analysis was unique in that it provided the audience with a rare opportunity to examine the situation from the point of view of the major players in the drama that is currently unfolding in the Middle East........... Your impressive talk left everyone wanting more.
Rabbi Daniel Mehlman, Temple Ner Tamid, Downey, Los Angeles County, California

Your lecture was comprehensive, rich with content and fine-tuned, and the accompanying slide show was spectacular. The combination of your personal background in Iran and your mastery of this country's past and present history exposed the audience to perspectives that are not readily accessible to the general public.
Sigal Aybes, Director of the Tel-Aviv University Faculty Club

The lecture was interesting and fascinating, and was delivered in a clear and flowing manner. It was an experience that left a deep impression.
Frieda Cohen, Training Division of Israel's Foreign Ministry

An exceptionally fascinating and original lecture.
Ruti Fink, Israel Ministry of Defense

I received wonderful reactions to your lecture, with extraordinary praise for the innovative approach, clarity, authenticity and the delivery. In the academic world, there are many who are knowledgeable about the material that they research, but not all can fascinate an audience like you did.
Professor David Menashri, Head of the Center for Iranian Studies, Tel-Aviv University

We were enchanted by the many slides you showed us and by your personal story. You presented the lecture in an interesting and fascinating way... We hope to listen to you in additional events in the future.
Hanoch Landau, Bank of Israel

David Nissan's fascinating lecture captured my complete attention. David is not only an excellent spealer; he is an actor who sweeps you away...... A perfect guide who delivers in an articulate and vibrant manner valuable knowledge about Iran from his childhood and his present connections.
Tami Shelach - Chairwoman, IDF Widows and Orphans' Organization

The audience was absolutely fascinated by the way in which you presented the rich reality of Iran. Your vast knowledge certainly contributed to this, and very often it was possible to literally hear the audience's expressions of awe and amazement at the powerful content that they were seeing and hearing......thank you for an hour and a half of pure pleasure. We enjoyed every minute....
Adi Boblil, Merage Foundation - Israel Branch, Director

Thank you for the fascinating lecture you delivered to one of our foreign clients. Your mastery of the material and of the English language, and especially the tangible way you presented the subjects with the use of slides and video clips, greatly impressed the audience. The use of digital technology and cyberspace by terrorist groups is one of the formidable challenges faced by security organizations. Your lecture enables a rare glimpse from the inside into a very real and relevant phenomenon, illustrates the challenge, and points towards ways of dealing with it.
Dikla Weininger, Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions Project Manager, Verint

The audience members were captivated, and I received excellent reviews regarding the content of your lecture and the way it was delivered.
Dr. Soli Shahvar, Head of The Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies, Haifa University

The dramatic manner in which you assumed the role of Iran's leader.........mesmerized the audience. You succeeded to present in an absolutely original way very important elements that lie at the foundation of the Iranian regime's world view...... Many members of the audience told me that they received from your talk a lot of added value, food for thought, and a much better understanding of the motivations and objectives of Iran's leaders.
Avishai Yarkoni, Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem

Your lecture was fascinating, and very enjoyable. The way you presented the content was unique and memorable.
Shlomit Asselman, Hewlett-Packard (HP) - Israel

Please accept our appreciation and gratitude for taking us on an interesting and educative virtual tour of Iran, giving us a glimpse of its beautiful landscape, rich culture, art and delicious cuisine.
International Women's Club, Israel


Full Profile

David Nissan was born and raised in Iran, and after graduating from the International Community School in Teheran, came to Israel to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he received his B.A. in Middle-Eastern Studies, and his M.A. in International Relations. He then joined the IDF, and after 16 years of service as an officer and commander, retired and completed a Masters degree in Business Administration, as well as certification studies for leading tours abroad.
For five years, David was the editor and site administrator of "Knesset Update", an English-language weekly magazine on the internet, which reported on parliamentary/political events in Israel. Also, he was employed for seven years by the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a part-time consultant, and worked for 4 years as an analyst for Terrogence, Israel's leading company for the collection and analysis of security/terror-related intelligence from the internet. David was the editor of the Middle East and Iran Newsletter, and is currently a full-time professional speaker and consultant.
David's unique multi-cultural background (he speaks five languages), his academic credentials and his military/security career led him to focus his lectures on Middle-East and Iranian affairs. He is a sought-after lecturer in Israel, is completely fluent in English, and has given lectures in a variety of forums and conferences in leading companies and financial institutions in the private sector, universities, and government ministries including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Prime Minister's Office. He has been interviewed on Israeli national radio and television, has spoken in various forums outside of Israel, and is on the keynote speakers list of the London Speaker Bureau.

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-Prime Minister's Office
-Ministry for Foreign Affairs
-Ministry of Defense
-Ministry of Agriculture
-Israel Aircraft Industries
-Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
-Procter & Gamble
-Israel Engineers Association
-CBC Group
-Tel-Aviv University
-Haifa University
-Bar Ilan University
-Netanya Academic College
-AACI - Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel
-ESRA-English Speaking Residents Association of Israel
-Bnei Brit
-Rambam Medical Center
-Rabin Medical Center
-Migdal Insurance Corporation
-Kanat Insurance Company
-Israel Ports Authority
-IDF Disabled Veterans Organization
-IDF Widows and Orphans' Organization
-IDF Veterans Association
-Bank of Israel
-Bank Leumi
-Israel Discount Bank
-HSBC Bank
-Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
-Israel Book Publishers Association
-Israel Insurance Agents Association
-Israel Teachers Associations
-Magid Institute
-Avshalom Institute
-Mofet Institute
-Rafa Laboratories
-Maccabi Health Services
-Israel Dentists Association

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TESTIMONIALS (continued)

Your lecture showed us that it is possible to view Iran from a different angle. It exposed for us a hidden and fascinating world.
Yaacov Galazan, VP, Israel Aircraft Industries

Your professionally delivered lecture, the presentation and the manner in which you led our virtual tour of Iran, made the event very successful, enjoyable and fascinating.
Amnon Ben-Shmuel, CEO, Book Publishers Association of Israel

We were left spellbound from seeing the magical and unbelievable slides of the Iranian landscape, and from the manner in which the lecture was delivered.
Efrat Ben-Shoshan, Keren Yeda Fund for University Graduates

It is our pleasure to thank you and express our appreciation and satisfaction from your lecture, which was presented in a professional and engaging manner.
Itzik Steinberg, Deputy VP, Israel Ports Authority

We heard your lecture "Virtual Tour of Iran" a number of times. The subject of the lecture, the depth of the contents, and the manner in which you presented the information aroused immense fascination and satisfaction. We thank you for this lecture, and are looking forward to hearing it in additional training frameworks.
Rina Rabinovich, Training and Development Unit, Human Resources Division, ELISRA

Thank you for your presentation of interesting and informative lectures to the English CollegeĀ… members of our audience have enjoyed your lectures and look forward to hearing from you again next year.
Audrey Goodman, Program Coordinator for the English Speaking Residents Association in Israel

The audience, composed of hi-tech people who have heard and seen almost everything, sat spellbound and eagerly listened to your fascinating lecture, a lecture that was spiced with humor and rich with historical anecdotes. The combination of extensive knowledge and your wonderful ability to tell a story created a most impressive experience.
Liron Teits, NICE

We would like to thank you for the two fascinating lectures that you delivered to us..... You succeeded to captivate all the audience members and cause them to participate.
Alumit Karni, Human Resources, Israel Discount Bank

Thank you for the fascinating Iran event.. It was a social evening that will remain in our memories for a very long time.
Professor Zvi Rappaport, Head of Neurosurgery in the Rabin Medical Center

Your "Virtual Tour of Iran" lecture was indeed a fascinating journey into the heart of Iran. You presented the lecture in a flowing manner, and your use of the slide presentation was professional and added an additional dimension to the experience.
Ayala Benjamin, Jerusalem Cinematheque

We were impressed with your vast knowledge and the way you delivered the subject. Thank you so much for a most pleasurable experience.
Rachel Zeidan, The Campus for International Geography

I would like you to know that you received many well-deserved praises regarding the way you delivered your lecture, your sense of humor, and the instant rapport you established with the audience.
Tofi Shaanan-Friedman, B'nai B'rith, Israel

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